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Our team at Rensa Games is excited to announce that the Game7 community has voted to launch its first-ever game jam on our "Showcase" platform! This event is a unique opportunity for developers in both traditional and blockchain game development to come together and collaborate. We look forward to playing innovative and exciting games, and want to thank Game7 for their generous sponsorship of this event.

Register TODAY on the Game7 Discord!


Game7 is a bold attempt to create and gamify a community passionate about shaping the future of gaming by helping fund builders, empower educators and support creators. Game7 believes that the future of gaming should be owned by the community and welcomes anyone who wants to contribute to the future of sustainable gaming.

Rensa Games is building a unified platform for video game development, distribution, and crowdfunding. We developed Showcase as a unique and powerful tool that hosts game jams and other competitions on-chain with automated features, including:

• Team formation
• Funding prizes
• Submitting entries
• Judging entries
• Prize distribution

Showcase runs competitions efficiently, transparently, and autonomously. Prize pools are visible to all participants in real-time, and are distributed automatically after voting for the jam is complete.


There will be three challenges offered, each targeting game developers with different levels of familiarity with blockchain technology.

Challenge 1 is 🖱️MOUSE ONLY MADNESS!
This challenge is meant for game devs with no previous blockchain knowledge. Create a game with all input done by mouse only! Make an action game, an RPG, a light gun game, and more – everything besides the controls is up to you!

Challenge 2 is 🔗 WEB 2.5 GAMING!
This challenge is meant for developers experienced with the blockchain/crypto space. Make a game featuring at least one blockchain element used in a creative way. These can include smart contracts, currencies, NFTs, and more. It should be relevant within the gameplay/narrative of the game!

Challenge 3 is 🔄 SWAP IT!
This challenge is meant for Web3 developers working on complex topics such as interoperability. Create a game that best demonstrates trading in-game items represented by NFTs across chains. The chains you choose are up to you and your team!


Game7 has generously sponsored each challenge with $3,000 of prizes on offer...

🥇 1st Place: $1,500
🥈 2nd Place: $900
🥉 3rd Place: $600

...for an aggregate prize pool of $9,000. Good luck!


Registration: Friday, February 3rd - Thursday, February 16th
Building Phase: Friday, February 17th - Thursday, March 2nd
Judging Phase: Friday, March 3rd - Friday, March 10th
• We expect to announce winners and distribute prizes immediately after the judging phase on Friday, March 10th.


The Game7 game jam is a fully remote event. All are welcome to participate, provided they follow the Official Rules and Code of Conduct.

To participate in the game jam, developers will need to register on the Showcase platform using a MetaMask digital wallet, and submit their game by the deadline. You’re able to enter as an individual or a team of up to six people.

Submissions will be judged by a panel of experts, who will evaluate them based on various criteria such as innovation, fit to prompt, and overall quality.

The winners of each challenge will be announced at the end of the game jam, and the prizes will be distributed to winners’ digital wallets through the Showcase platform.


Join the Game7 Discord today to form your team and start planning your entry! Members of the Rensa Games are standing by in the thread to assist with any questions you may have.

Game7 and Rensa Games are committed to fostering a community of game developers in the Web3 space, and we believe that this game jam is just the first step in that journey. So, whether you're new to blockchain or an expert, we encourage you to register for the game jam and start creating something amazing!

If you're looking for some additional how-to's, Rensa's developer documentation is available to walk you through any part of the game jam:

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