Game Development Is Broken

Rensa, Mission

Video game development is broken.

While the global video game market has grown to nearly $200B annually, with publishers and large development companies posting record profits, these gains have come at the expense of employee health and unfair business practices. Despite widespread criticism, little is being done to address these pervasive issues.

Tools for independent development exist. However, the multidisciplinary teams, long hours, and significant capital required to complete and market a video game serve as barriers to smaller-scale creation. Therefore, incumbent publishers and large development companies are able to monopolize talent and technology.

Employees forfeit true ownership of their work and any financial (i.e., royalties) or reputational upside that an independent effort could garner them. Simultaneously, their creativity and innovation are stifled by publishers’ demands to follow “safe” market trends.


This is an unsustainable situation.

An emerging technology is perfectly positioned to solve these issues of agency and funding. Blockchains like Ethereum can be used to disintermediate the video game industry and enhance autonomy for content creators, while facilitating cash flows and rights management through smart contracts and an immutable ledger.

On an open peer-to-peer exchange, independent content creators can list and monetize their video game assets – via tokenized licenses – which developers can then leverage to build new titles in a collaborative way. These digital objects could include character models, motion capture, music, and even whole software development kits (SDKs).

Opening this marketplace would drive down development costs, expedite launch cycles, enhance collaboration, and enable creators to establish a reputation outside of a large development company.

Rensa Games is that marketplace. We will achieve this without taking custody of user funds, without using a proprietary “Rensa token,” and without relying on speculative NFTs.

Our goal is to use blockchain to create the best financial and reputational recognition system possible. We will allow every creator to be rewarded for the true value they generate, without intermediaries. When our creators succeed, we succeed.

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