Game7 Game Jam Results

Rensa, Showcase

Game7’s first game jam powered by Rensa’s Showcase platform has wrapped! Thanks to everyone who participated. We enjoyed playing your games!

🥁 And the winners are…

🖱️ Mouse Only Madness

🔗 Web 2.5 Gaming

🔄 Swap It

Payments have been made in MATIC to each winning team member’s public address through our smart contract. You can check the payouts in the "prize pool" in each of our Challenges to verify. Transparency is key for us! (Any unallocated funds were returned to Game7’s funding wallet).

👏 Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to seeing everyone's continued development. We'll work with Game7 and our builders to make sure more people have a chance to try out these games.

Thank you to Game7 for the opportunity and sponsorship!

From the Rensa side, we took in a lot of feedback that will allow us to revise and refine Showcase. We look forward to hosting more competitions in the future. See you soon!

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